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Meet Your People

Lucy Feaster
Celeste Marini

Heres Lucy and Celeste

Two passionate yoga teachers dedicated to bridging ancient wisdom with modern truth. With a shared love for yoga and a deep commitment to personal growth, Lucy and Celeste infuse their teachings with authenticity, compassion, and a touch of humor.

Lucy’s  journey into yoga began as a quest for physical fitness, but soon evolved into a profound exploration of mind, body, and spirit. Love for various yoga styles, Lucy believes in the transformative power of yoga to cultivate inner peace and self-acceptance.

Celeste’s path to yoga was inspired by a desire for mental clarity and emotional balance. Drawing from her background in teaching  and mindfulness practices, Celeste offers a holistic approach to yoga, integrating breathwork, meditation, and self-inquiry into her teachings.

Together, Lucy and Celeste create a supportive and inclusive space for students of all levels to explore the depths of yoga. With warmth and authenticity, they guide their students on a journey of self-discovery, empowering them to find balance and strength on and off the mat.

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