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A getaway with the purpose to ignite your soul. A time to connect to your true self. Community, connection.
Boo, don’t put that out into the universe. But seriously please provide 90 day notice. You will lose your deposit (varies depending upon retreat).
This happens, though we highly recommend it’s important to do 👇👇👇
YES! We believe travel insurance is only there to help you, it does not hurt and will protect you.
Yes! We will have a buddy system so no one is ever alone.
Yoga clothes, casual clothes, bathing suit, SPF. Anything you would normally pack when you go on vacation.

Yoga is a personal experience. There is no right age or experience to start. Yoga affects each of us differently. It is your commitment and dedication to the practice and how you approach it. Yoga is a practice that guides us back to our true nature, which is love.

Yoga at its core is about your own awareness, and awareness is the practice of yoga. So, technically you have practiced yoga before even if it wasn’t doing physical shapes :)

Come alone, come with someone you love, come with a group. Though be sure to come as you are :)

You are so kind, we would love to see if we are in alignment as each collaboration is unique to us. Let’s see about teaming up here.

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